Support your friends

As you might’ve seen on Instagram, my mate Ahooligan (@ahooligan_official) released a new shirt on his Ahoolixhoy label. The black & white “Gemini” button up shirt with inverted palm tree halves was a DEFINITE must!

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Sneaker Heads

Nike vs Adidas Thabo

I’ve never really been into sneakers to be very honest, and never quite understood why people would drop THOUSANDS on a pair of shoes that they can probably only wear once a week or on shoes that can only be worn to look good and aren’t even functional at all. 

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Drewsie Original




A couple of months ago I was asked to be part of a photoshoot for a clothing brand. It was a new brand that just launched locally headed by a sharp, fun and passionate young lady by the name of Kayleigh Drew Capuzzimati (also known as KDC – DJ). This is a brand you should look out for!

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A cut above the rest

It’s almost time for my bi-monthly haircut again. Yeah. you heard right, I get my hair cut twice a month to make sure it always looks clean and on point.

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