Tim Berg – Seek Bromance (Jerome Price Remix)

Brooo…. I love this song for 2 reasons.

a) It’s frikken Avicii

b) had the pleasure of meeting Jerome Price when he came to SA and he’s such an awesome dude!

kiiara – Feels (Hotel Garuda Remix)

This remix may have been released 2 years ago, but always has me longing for those summer days when you’re just relaxing with your friends. Right now in the middle of exams and work, that’s what I am longing for. This is my ultimate Good Vibes song. What’s yours?

stwo – Over U

Chill and Downtempo trap and R&B hits is what first got me hooked on this French artist. His remixes of Majid Jordan, The Weeknd, BANKS and many more always just seemed to get better and better. Then he flipped it up and dropped this one.

Master Simz – About Time

YAAAAAAAASSSSSSS!! About (Damn) Time!!

Oh but this is a banger by Master Simz! For me the builds are the gems of this song. And then you get those lethal drops that just make you wanna skit my bruh…

Azizi Gibson – Hood Opera (Prod. By Hippie Sabotage)

Decided it’s time for this duo to feature on my list. They have been killing the downtempo electronic scene and then came out with this smooth trap song. Deep 808’s, crisp hi hats and awesome use of vocals.

Township Rebellion – Baud [Stil Vor Talent]

This song may have been released 10 months ago, but beauty is timeless. Out of the many hits produced by Township Rebellion, THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE! x_X

If you don’t believe me, listen for yourself.